Use these 8 crucial concepts as tools to keep unhealthy habits in check

The brain’s capacity to dynamically respond to environmental stimuli and even to anticipate them are its most distinctive feature. — Judith Grisel, “Never Enough: The Neuroscience and Experience of Addiction”

Judith Grisel’s book “Never Enough: The Neuroscience and Experience of Addiction” provides very useful insights into how the brain works…

There are many effective ways to cope with being sensitive and soft-hearted in a harsh world, but radical acceptance is the place to start

Highly sensitive beings suffer more but they also love harder, dream wider, and experience deeper horizons and bliss. When you’re sensitive, you’re alive in every sense of this word in this wildly beautiful world. Sensitivity is your strength. Keep soaking in the light and spreading it to others.

My first clinical placement in a mental health-focused community pharmacy and why it had such an impact on me

My Personal Mental Health Journey

When my mental health issues first started to manifest at the age of 15, I had no clue how radically my life would change in the coming years. I had no idea my life would fall apart time and time again and that I would have to build it back…

The day he took me to the largest mall in North America he popped the question that changed my entire world

I woke up tired, sniffly, and spacey on the morning of December 28th. But I was very excited to visit the West Edmonton Mall for the first time with my boyfriend, Greg. The temperatures had been below -30 degrees since we’d arrived in Edmonton on Christmas Eve, so I was…

Productivity anxiety can give us mental discomfort — an icky feeling that seems impossible to shake — but there is hope for getting through it!

Productivity anxiety is an increasingly prevalent form of anxiety in which one feels physically and/or psychologically stressed when they do not live up to the self-imposed threshold of productivity they have for themselves.

In an increasingly competitive, fast-paced world, it is becoming easier to fall into the trap that we…

How training a wild bird helped one woman overcome depression following an immense loss

In H is for Hawk, Helen MacDonald experiences the traumatic loss of her father, and subsequently becomes obsessed with goshawks, large birds of prey that she describes as “things of death and difficulty: spooky, pale-eyed psychopaths.” Although seemingly quite bizarre, MacDonald’s obsession with hawks helps her to cope with the…

In this messy and stressful world we just have to accept that there is only so much we can do to prepare

If there is a devil, it lives inside each of us. One of my greatest assets is knowing that my primary enemy is not outside me, and for this I am grateful to all my experiences. — Judith Grisel (author of “Never Enough: The Neuroscience and Experience of Addiction”)

You Are Enough, Just as You Are


Building inner peace and resilience amidst changing conditions requires three key elements

As the COVID-19 cases started to rise again with the omicron variant reaching my city and my university decided to terminate the rest of December’s scheduled in-person exams, I started to feel my heart pounding and my blood boiling. This can’t be happening! I thought to myself.

A few minutes…

After exhaling each moment on life’s learning curve, there is huge value in taking a moment to pause before inhaling the next

When we frame the moment, give it our full attention, savor and hold it, in an awareness that the moment will pass, we feel how one moment becomes layered on to the next; past and present mingled together — everything falling into place, into one accord. ― Louisa Thomsen Brits

An Arrested Moment

Athena Milios

Canadian PharmD student, researcher, and mental health advocate with a B.Sc. and M.Sc. (in Psychiatry). I write short stories, poetry, and creative non-fiction.

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